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As investors and customers increasingly evaluate companies on their social and environmental performance, organizations like yours need to ensure their ESG data is accurate, complete, and reliable. That way, you can confidently demonstrate your commitment to ESG disclosures, stand out from the competition, and avoid reputational risks associated with 'greenwashing'.

Sweep for ESG is a comprehensive platform that simplifies the collection and reporting of sustainability and CSR data. We enable you to collect all the ESG information you need based on the latest standards and frameworks – such as GRI, CDP, TCFD and DJSI – in just a few steps. Turn the challenge of ESG data collection and reporting into a strategic advantage for your organization.


The CDP is an international non-profit organization that enables companies to measure and disclose their environmental impact and take action towards a more sustainable future. Find out more.

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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an independent international organization that provides a framework for organizations to measure and communicate their ESG performance. Find out more.

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The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is an organization that sets industry-specific sustainability disclosure standards to help businesses report financially material sustainability information to investors.

Sweep is your one-stop shop for driving ESG performance

Streamline data collection and reporting

Sweep app: Compliance status

Automate and centralize data collection across your organization and generate reports in just a few steps.

Improve sustainability performance

Sweep app: Performance measurements

Set social and environmental performance targets and monitor progress.

Foster strong stakeholder engagement

Sweep app: progress status

Strengthen stakeholder relationships through proactive engagement and transparent reporting.

Track progress in real-time

Sweep app: Improve data action

Get a live overview of your SFDR compliance progress and make sure you're 100% compliant with the mandatory metrics.

Empower your investment strategy

Sweep app: Carbon intensity charts

Make investment decisions that align with your ESG goals and strategy.

Get on-track

Sweep has everything you need to be on-track with your ESG regulatory requirements. We also have a robust platform to support you on your decarbonization journey. See all features on our Platform page.

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ESG: Putting you in a strong position

Embracing ESG principles sets your company apart from the competition. By prioritizing sustainability, ethics, and responsible governance, you gain a distinct competitive advantage. ESG-minded companies attract investors, build strong stakeholder relationships, and inspire customer loyalty. 

As the world embraces sustainability, integrating ESG becomes essential for success, unlocking new opportunities and leaving a lasting impact. Discover how ESG can transform your business and help you drive growth.

Built for ESG performance

Streamline your ESG reporting with Sweep

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  • 👍 Effortless Efficiency

    Quickly access science and evidence-based ESG & Carbon methodologies to simplify the standard reporting process.

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Advanced Analytics

    We provide dashboards to track ESG performance with the ability to deep-dive into data, down to the smallest granularity.

  • 🔒 Data security

    We’re SOC2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Learn more about security

  • 🎒 Education

    Access our Sweep School to improve customer expertise on ESG regulations and due diligence processes.

  • 🔎 Transparency

    Keep a clear audit trail, with documents and descriptions for your data stored right in Sweep.

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    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) encompasses a wide range of factors that businesses and organizations consider when evaluating their impact and sustainability. 

    Under the environmental aspect, it involves areas such as carbon emissions, energy efficiency, waste management, and conservation practices. 

    The social component focuses on issues like employee welfare, human rights, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and product safety. 

    Lastly, governance examines the effectiveness of a company's leadership, board structure, transparency, ethics, and risk management practices. 

    By integrating these three pillars, ESG provides a framework for companies to address environmental and social challenges while maintaining good governance standards. Stay informed about the latest ESG trends and practices to ensure your organization stays ahead in the sustainable business landscape.

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    By prioritizing ESG factors, companies contribute to a more sustainable future, fostering positive impacts on the planet and society. But ESG compliance also offers a range of key business benefits: 

    • Enhances brand reputation, increasing stakeholder trust and loyalty.

    • Attracts investors seeking sustainable opportunities, expanding access to capital and potentially lowering borrowing costs.

    • Helps identify operational efficiencies, reducing costs and improving resource management.

    • Mitigates risks associated with compliance, reputation, and legal issues, safeguarding long-term business sustainability.

    • Fosters innovation and drives product development aligned with evolving customer demands and preferences.

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    Illustration of a bridge in construction

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