Emission Factors

Emission factors

Granular and flexible calculations

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Flexibility and power for your factors

We offer 40,000 emission factors from leading databases – and even some we've created ourselves.

The Sweep Emission Factor Database

The Sweep database, curated by our carbon experts, provides a comprehensive collection of emission factors. 

It enables businesses to precisely calculate their carbon footprint, identify emission reduction opportunities, and stay up-to-date with the latest data and research in emission estimation. 

Aside from the list below, we also embed sector-specific emission factors.

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Go granular

A wide range of spend-based factors help you get started. Then increase accuracy by using activity-based factors.

Keep updated

To make sure you’re relying on the latest data, we pull database updates and manage new versions of emission factors.

Create your own

Build emission factors from scratch or compose them from existing factors.

Curate lists

Organize emission factors for your whole company, with shortlists and recently used.

Go deeper

Get detailed metadata for your emission factors, including details on certainty levels.

Leverage deep insights

Sweep app: Carbon intensity charts

Compare your emissions when using different standards and methodologies.

Top databases available in Sweep


Boavizta is a comprehensive emission factor database specifically focusing on the carbon footprint of ICT equipment and devices.

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ADEME Base carbone® is a regularly updated GHG emissions database developed by the French Agency for Ecological Transition.


Ecoinvent is a lifecycle inventory and emission factor database that provides comprehensive information on the environmental impact of products and services.

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GHG Protocol GWP

The GHG Protocol GWP database offers data on global warming potential (GWP) of greenhouse gasses, enabling accurate calculations of carbon footprints.

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GHG Protocol IPCC

The GHG Protocol IPCC database provides a comprehensive set of emission factors for Scope 1 natural gas, oil, and related products.

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The IEA Emission Factor Database provides comprehensive data on GHG emissions and energy consumption for different countries.


The DEFRA Emission Factor Database provides emission factors for various activities and pollutants.

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The US EPA EF Hub is a regularly updated database that provides emission factors for a wide range of industries and emission sources.

US EPA Supply Chain

The US EPA Supply Chain database contains information on emission factors for various industries and processes.

Backed by carbon expertise

Sweep is built to comply with leading international accounting standards.

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Built for emission data you can trust

  • 💯 Completeness

    Gather all your activity data in one place, and even request data directly from business partners.

  • 🔐 Data security

    We’re SOC2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Learn more about security

  • 🔍 Transparency

    Keep a clear audit trail, with documents and descriptions for your data stored right in Sweep.

  • 🧭 Accuracy

    See where all your data comes from. And improve it with a scoring system.

  • 🎛️ Consistency

    Use consistent methodologies, like the GHG Protocol, for meaningful emission tracking over time.

  • Materials

    Explore our materials to learn more about emissions measurement

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    Emission factors are essential tools used to quantify greenhouse gas emissions associated with specific activities, operations, or products. These factors provide a standardized measurement of emissions by considering factors such as fuel type, energy consumption, and production processes. By using emission factors, companies can accurately calculate and report their carbon footprint, identify emission hotspots, and develop effective strategies to reduce their environmental impact. 

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