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Supporting consumer goods companies to measure their carbon footprint and meet evolving requirements.

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The consumer goods industry can lead the way in sustainability

With over $14 trillion in annual consumer spending, your industry has immense economic influence. Consumers increasingly seek environmentally and socially responsible products, making ESG strategies not only ethical but also profitable. Sweep provides you with the tools to implement your ESG strategy smoothly and effectively.

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Managing a sustainable FMCG supply chain

Ensuring that every step of your FMCG supply chain is ethical and sustainable can be a daunting task.

Navigating packaging and waste concerns

Handling waste generated from packaging and unsold products while transitioning to circular economy practices is a constant challenge.

Meeting shifting consumer expectations

Consumers expect FMCG companies to align with their values, demanding sustainable sourcing and transparent ESG reporting.

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Products making ESG-related claims averaged 28% cumulative growth over the past five-year period, versus 20% for products that made no such claims.

Source: McKinsey and NielsenIQ

How Sweep can help

Sweep is built to comply 
with leading international ESG standards and regulations.

Supply chain visibility and sustainability

By mapping your entire supply chain, Sweep enables you to identify areas where sustainability improvements are needed.

Consumer engagement and transparency

Sweep provides you with the essential tools you need for ESG reporting, so you can communicate your sustainability efforts effectively.

Data-driven decision-making

To balance profitability and sustainability, Sweep empowers you with data-driven insights.

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Our solutions

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Our carbon accounting software supports you at every step of your sustainability journey, from gathering data, to creating a reduction strategy.

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Get a real-time view of your supply chain emissions and prioritize climate action with your suppliers.

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We help you comply with key ESG regulations and standards, including the SFDR – all in a matter of weeks.

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all-in-one ESG solution?

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Sweep helps you get your carbon on-track

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