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Supporting healthcare companies to measure their carbon footprint and meet evolving requirements.

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ESG management in healthcare can be complex

When it comes to driving sustainability in healthcare, there are several key challenges, starting with the need for a responsible and secure supply chain. But by engaging all your key stakeholders, from suppliers to researchers and healthcare providers, you can meet your ESG targets and support your partners in achieving theirs. Sweep empowers you to implement a collaborative reduction strategy. 

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Supply Chain Ethics

Ensuring an ethical and sustainable supply chain, particularly during health crises, is vital. You must address sourcing, fair labor practices, and supply chain integrity.

Environmental Impact

Pharmaceutical manufacturing often has a significant environmental footprint. You need to reduce waste, energy use, and emissions while disposing of drugs and medical waste responsibly.

Ethical Research

Conducting rigorous, ethical research and addressing new drug's environmental impacts are critical. Balancing innovation with responsibility is challenging.


Healthcare's climate footprint is 4.4% of the global total; meaning if it were a country, it would be the fifth largest emitter on the planet.

Source: Arup Report on Healthcare’s Climate Footprint

How Sweep can help

Sweep is built to comply 
with leading international ESG standards and regulations.

Ethical Supply Chain

Sweep can help you map your pharmaceutical supply chain, ensuring ethical sourcing and sustainability.

Environmental Impact Reduction

Sweep enables you to track and reduce the environmental footprint of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Identify areas for waste reduction, optimize energy usage, and more.

Collaborative ESG Action

Connect with your value chain, set shared targets, and monitor progress, driving collective climate action.

Our solutions

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Gather data, analyse hotspots, and create a reduction strategy in one platform.

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Get a real-time view of your supply chain emissions and prioritize climate action with your suppliers.

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We help you comply with key ESG regulations and standards, including the SFDR – all in a matter of weeks.

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all-in-one ESG solution?

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Sweep helps you get your carbon on-track

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