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Act on your financed emissions and meet your ESG targets

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Work with your portfolio to measure 
and manage your financed emissions.

Comply with the latest ESG regulations (inc. SFDR) in a matter of weeks.

Turn ESG performance tracking into a strategic advantage.

Measure, reduce and report on your Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Over 50,000 emission factors from leading databases.

See our broad catalogue of contribution projects.

Measure and manage your financed emissions

According to CDP, financed emissions are 700 times greater than the average financial organization’s own emissions. 

Sweep maps your climate and ESG data across your entire portfolio, helping you to reduce your emissions, improve social and environmental performance, and create audit-ready reports.

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average time saved when managing carbon data with Sweep


time saved on compliance 
with the CSRD legislation.

50 000

emission factors stored and maintained in our database

Track your own corporate carbon footprint

Taking charge of your own corporate emissions (Scope 1 and 2), and the upstream emissions from your supply chain is crucial if you want to lead by example.

Sweep automates supplier data collection, streamlining the path to achieving your ESG targets.

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of banks have adopted or plan 
to adopt an ESG framework.

Source: Deloitte


of millennials are interested 
in sustainable investing.

Source: Morgan Stanley


of investors consider ESG issues as part of their investment approach.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Stay on top of the 
latest ESG standards

From the SFDR to the ECDI and GRI: climate reporting regulations are on the rise. But it’s easy to get lost in the flurry of acronyms.

Sweep captures all the data required for disclosure reporting 
in a single location – so you can efficiently achieve your reporting obligations in full compliance with the latest ESG disclosures.

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